National Hardware Show

Exhibition Name: NHS 2020
Exhibition time: May 5-7, 2020
Venue: Las Vegas International Exhibition Center, USA
Range of exhibits:
1. Hardware tools: electric tools, hand tools, hardware tools, pneumatic tools, mechanical processing equipment, stamping equipment, locks, pumps, measuring tools, rigging, lighting appliances and lamps, bathroom equipment, building materials, small machinery, pipeline equipment, DIY products, kitchen equipment and appliances, etc;
2. Household products: small kitchen products, vacuum cleaners, floor care, ironing appliances, water heaters, air conditioners, stove surfaces, ovens and ovens, dehumidifiers / humidifiers, dishwashers, garbage disposal and grinding machines, exhaust fans, microwave ovens, personal care products, electronic blankets, air filled beds, refrigerators, sewing machines and accessories
3. Lawn and courtyard: Gardening maintenance and construction products, gardening appliances, weeding equipment, irrigation equipment, barbecue equipment, iron art products, courtyard leisure, outdoor furniture, etc;
4. All kinds of security equipment and accessories, such as security equipment, security equipment, car lock and so on;
5. Lighting equipment: lamps and accessories, festival lights, Christmas lights, lawn lamps, all kinds of electrical equipment and materials, etc;
6. DIY products and kitchen and bathroom products: home decoration and decoration products, pet products, sanitary ware, bathroom equipment, kitchen equipment, etc.
Exhibition profile:
With a history of more than 70 years, the US International Hardware tools and Garden Products Fair has gathered leading figures from home decoration retailers, manufacturers, associations and industries to visit new products, exchange views and start industrial revolution. Popular consumer trend products on display in 2019 include pet products, emergency plan and disaster recovery, energy efficiency, farm and ranch products, made in the United States and smart home. A total of 2800 exhibitors (including 500 new exhibitors) and 110 new patent exhibitors exhibited 15 categories of hardware tools and garden products, and 28000 professional buyers visited the exhibition. In 2019, 820 exhibitors from China (including Hong Kong) will participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of nearly 14000 square meters. Through this trading platform, retailers in the United States can one-stop solve all their procurement needs for all hardware tools, garden supplies, decoration, household appliances, small appliances and other products, which is a big gathering of retailers in the United States.