Drop in anchor

Product parameter:


Product Introduction: 
Drop-In anchors are female concrete anchors designed for anchoring into concrete. Drop the anchor into the pre-drilled hole in the concrete. Using a setting tool expands the anchor within the hole in the concrete.


Product Feature:

In order to make the fixation more firm, the surface of the internal forcing casing is usually set with uneven patterns, but the inner wall of the drilling hole is often very rough, and the effect of ordinary pattern is very limited, and it can not play a good role in further reinforcement. 


Product Application:
Drop-In anchors should only be used in solid concrete.
Their main use is to insert threaded rods to suspend electrical cable trays, HVAC ductwork, and fire sprinkler pipes and heads.
They can be used in applications that require a flush mounted anchor and when a bolt needs to be inserted and removed.


Installation Steps: 
First, drop the anchor in the hole with the threaded open end up towards the surface, then insert proper setting tool and hit with a hammer until the Drop-In anchor is fully set. 

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