Wedge anchor

Product parameter: 

Product introduction: 
It is a kind of expansion bolt. It uses an expansion clip to grip the walls of embedment holes while the nut is tightened at the top. The collar expands and "wedges" itself against the material wall and shank of the bolt, successfully holding the fixture in place.


Product Feature: 
It's has a long thread and is easy to install. It is usually used in heavy load facilities, so it is widely used in many industries.


Product Application: 
It is suitable for concrete and dense natural stone, metal structure, metal plate, bottom plate, support plate, bracket, railing, etc., such as installing rainwater on the window behind the house in rural areas Get car repair gecko, especially in the air conditioning industry used more.


Installation Steps: 
When it is used, it is necessary to use the impact electric drill hammer to fix the hole of the corresponding size, and then install the bolt and expansion pipe into the hole. After tightening the nut, the bolt, expansion pipe, mounting part and the fixed body can be expanded and tightened into a whole.

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