Confirmat screw

Product parameter: 
DIA: 5mm/6.4mm/7mm 
Length: 40mm-70mm
Surface: Zinc Plated

Product introduction: 
Confirmat screws are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. They are specifically designed to use on processed-wood materials. These kinds of wood materials are particleboard and plywood that are used in the furniture industry. Furniture screws are a perfect kind of fasteners, which make an unbelievable strong joint in particleboard and plywood. The screws can be removed and reinstalled if needed, which makes the moving of the heave furniture easy and convenient. They have an extended shoulder under the head. The extended shoulder provides added holding power and minimizes the possibility of board damage. 


Product Feature :
Recess:Hex Socket, Pozi
Head: Flat


Product Application: 
The furniture screws are a good fastener in particleboard and plywood applications. They provide good holding power in these soft materials because of the special design.
1)Ideal for the applications in the furniture industry
2)Can be also used in cabinet and other box construction applications.


Installation Steps
Choose the right size of furniture screws and drill bit. The size of the screw and bit depends on the thickness of the material to be fastened.
Use the electric drill to drill a hole into both pieces of the material to be fastened.
Put the tipping point of the screw into the material. The screw should be long enough to grasp the two pieces of the material.

Set the drill with the proper screwdriver bit into the head of the screw. Adjust the speed of the drill to a relatively low level.

Drill the screw slowly into the hole until the head is flush with the surface of the material.

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